My Last Wishes

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens

to AJ the seed thats rappin’

since 83′ in Manhattan

a very rare occasion that he’s laughin’

my passion?

thats been wrapped in a napkin

I set it on fire and swallowed it

and now I’m tired of all of this

while I’m trying to call it quits

I’m lying to all the kids

because my mind is a marvelous

diamond inside a pit

no science, psychologist, or open minded neurologist

could tell you why I am always pissed

but I can…

it’s because I’m running out of time and the clock still ticks

I can feel it

it’s as real as it’s ever been

I feel that I’ll never win

as long as I’m dead within

I’m treasurin’ the pleasure when it’s near

but I fear that it’s left again

and the tears, they drip on my pen

as I’m writing this entire list

of why I should die

because life’s a bitch

I don’t even know why we’re hitched

I’m not fighting this – anymore

let the Henny pour

on my grave

because these days as slave

have me feeling empty more

and Jennifer,

you should have never been a whore

and let my dad hit it

then we wouldn’t have this shit

and pen, you’ve been a good friend

but this could be the last visit-

my last wishes