Irrational Thoughts

Irrationally it still happens to me, retroactively

aggression let in passively

as we see his majesty rap to beats magically –

tragically the masses see their shackles

that’s their faculty

and I’m baffled

because it doesn’t have to be.

taxes & fascists after me

actively mad at me

the pastor was a bastard

when he didn’t have to be

my daddy, well he had to leave

my mom was strong, sporadically

come on I’m long gone

you’re actually

quite accurately

depicting the conflicting sick things

in my head

they said the dead are listening

visiting at my christening

there’s no such thing as christian king

these are gifts that wisdom brings

if it means

I missed my dreams

I woke up up late

y’all woke but fake

so no bro, hate

I’d rather you did it

and if thats what you call average

I’ll have to forgive

for you

know not what you do