Graduate School

I got accepted

but because

I know what debt is

I don’t respect it

radical leftist

food for thought,

it ought to be ingested

I need a life,

they suggested

so i read and write

like I’m sequestered

when I think

I see a light

like uncle fester

young & impressionable


intestinal diseases

effecting my peoples

unethical quandaries

supporting the armies

ignoring the bombings

more dirty laundry

will these words

come back to haunt me

will these perverts


murder me

then recant me

Questions that’s on my conscience


or was it nonsense

My manifesto was a threat

because it’s honest

Presto I let go

but didn’t let them know

Methods unquestionable

A festival for the extraterrestrial

Federal indictment enlightenment

Excitement pent

I write like

my life might end

so I buy pens

bye bye

to all my wifi friends

look in the dictionary

you’ll find them

right beside pretend

but why cry

when I’m just like them?