Chapter 36

As underclassmen we were too busy trying to be seen with the older kids. We thought we needed them but should have been more loyal to each other.

Those older kids were like Mob captains we had give a percentage to. Everything we had, they took a piece. But with their graduation came liberation from that oppression. It was at that ceremony were I first decided to make a change.

Freshman, freshman, sophomore, senior. That was the trajectory of my High School career. I was held back after the first year and didn’t catch up until the last. Before my senior year, the idea of me graduating didn’t seem realistic.

But sitting there watching them graduate, I knew I had to be there next year.

They didn’t have online courses back then, so that summer I took several by mail. I also did community service, which I was given school credit for.

Well okay, I cheated on my community service. The owner of the community center was family friend who lied for me. She said I worked way more hours than I did. I went sometimes but when I did, I just made out in the backroom with other girls who worked there.

I did some actual work but not much community service. I would do my courses by mail there. I completed a whole course in one day. That’s when my suspicions were confirmed. School is bullshit and they were wasting my time. When left to my own device, I was finishing entire classes in a day and acing them.

Since that drug bust happened weed temporarily evaporated. Therefore that summer was very productive. I caught up and when school started I was actually a senior. I’d eventually go on to graduate… miraculously.

I also finally got my driver’s license, something I was a year behind on getting. Plus I wasn’t a virgin anymore.

It was a new me. My Squad was a new squad. The school was ours now.

It started small. Me and this dude we called JarHead would drive around in his 89’ Accord smoking weed listening to Jay Z’s Dynasty album. Between the two of us, we knew everyone, so we went everywhere.

Before we knew it we amassed a following. It spread like religion. We called ourselves the Dynasty, modeled after the Jay album. We had several of the most influential kids in our clique; even the girls, even the hot ones, even the smart ones. We wore our jerseys backwards and our coats half off to signify allegiance. We formed our hands in the shapes of diamonds to throw up our sign. We even had the host of the announcements throwing it up on-air during morning broadcasts.

Of course competing factions arose as well. The ‘Franchise’ for example tried to create their own thing, but they were RC Cola to our Pepsi. We were on top.

Girls would take their clothes off to be in the Dynasty, as part of their initiation. Everything was lovely. Parties were every weekend. Somebody’s parents would always be somewhere, and that’s where we went.

The cops were still up our ass. You’d think they were in love with us. Everywhere we went, they’d follow. It seemed like every weekend one of us was getting an underage consumption or DUI.

We didn’t let that stop us though.