Chapter 37

There was this huge party so deep in the woods I couldn’t find it now if I tried. We had no idea how to get home, it didn’t matter. We were too preoccupied with living in the moment. There was no social media, no pictures to post. This chapter is the only evidence it ever happened.

The party was in honor of the kids who got arrested in that bust. They were currently in jail.

I had just started to get really drunk and really flirty with some girl when the cops came and everyone took off. I didn’t ask any questions. I just ran.

Eventually the rest of us who weren’t apprehended congregated and plotted on how to get home. We were miles away in the middle of nowhere with no vehicle, no cellphones, and police were looking for us.

Dozens of us running up a mountain with only moonlight. I saw a girl completely submerged in a pond. She gasped for air then just kept running.

We miraculously found a friend with a truck. He’d already gotten a citation for being there and was leaving. We hopped in the back and he drove us home.

The next day I sat at the kitchen table with my mom who read the paper. She was reading an article about the police raid I just escaped from.

“Did you know all those kids got in trouble last night, Arthur?”

”How bout that. That’s crazy” I replied.

“It sure is…why are your arms scratched up like that?”

She knew but she didn’t. It didn’t matter. My alibi was airtight. There was no way I was snitching on myself. Well, I guess I just did though huh? Sorry Mom, it’s too late to ground me now.