Writing this in 2019, and having things now that I could’ve only dreamed of in High School, I’m reminded of the power of manifestation.

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I want more, most of the time, if I’m being honest. These wants are dreams those around me consider absurd. They might be right. But they told me back then, I wouldn’t have anything now. Yet here I am. Therefore I can’t take them serious, and I shouldn’t have then. But I didn’t know my dreams would come true. I also didn’t know that by the time they did, I’d be too preoccupied with other bigger dreams.

But are these dreams I’ve been chasing really mine? Or have I fallen victim to manipulation and propaganda.

I was blinded by the music, movies, and television “programming”. I wanted the popularity and power. You would’ve thought I learned from seeing what happened to Tupac. Be careful what you wish for.

I can’t explain the alchemical process of turning thoughts into things. It can only be understood intuitively, but it makes more sense assessing situations retroactively. That’s why I tell these stories. Through the process of reverse engineering, I’m able to see how I got to where I’m at. The plan now, is to take it where I want to go.