Pyramid Interlude

What’s interesting about the story of Jesus is that he’s mysteriously absent from the bible between the ages of 13-30. You hear about him as a child carpenter, then he pops back up 17 years later with Christ consciousness.

Where was he?

Some say he went to Egypt and studied with the ascended masters in the mystery schools. Some say the Great Pyramid was used as a ceremonial initiation chamber–amongst other things. The theory suggests an initiate such as Jesus would meditate in the King’s Chamber until enlightenment is achieved. Many historical figures like Napoleon have laid there and reported having mystical experiences.

It’s not as crazy as you might think. The Bible even says Jesus spent time in Egypt. Not only that but I just googled it and it’s like 8 hours from Bethlehem.

As a kid learning about the Bible in church and Egypt in school, I always wondered why there’s no mention of the Great Pyramid in the Bible. There’s no debate, it existed then. There’s also no debate, some of those stories take place in Egypt. Still no mention of the tallest building on Earth at the time. It’s literally in the exact geographical center of the planet. They must’ve seen it. Still no mention. Why?

Maybe it is mentioned in those Vatican secret archives. Maybe they even discuss how they were built. Maybe the energy source the pyramid builders used would jeopardize the oil monopoly stranglehold on the world. Maybe that’s why the information is hidden…

Wait. I’m on a tangent again. My bad. My friends know I’m obsessed with the Great Pyramid. I’ve been looking for a way to sneak it in my book, and that’s what I came up with. But back to Jesus, or, back to me rather.

My time between the ages of 13-30 was also transcendent!

Where was I?

And why are you seeing me now in my thirties acting like I’m all enlightened?

Well. I maybe wasn’t meditating in the Great Pyramid. However. I was spending a lot of time on back roads, in my own thoughts, for hours at a time, on psychoactive substances having hallucinogenic experiences.

It really was a meditative process. Imagine the insights I was having, reflecting on life and going inward. It was very transformative.

But being high makes you over think. I became way too self aware for my own good. I was like Adam and Eve, and the weed was the serpent. I left the garden of innocence and was now in this new adult world.

Weed was like a plague sweeping though the school. Not only did everyone smoke it, everyone sold it.

I learned what it meant to buy wholesale and sell retail, with great margins. If they would’ve legalized weed back then, we would’ve gotten a deal on Shark Tank. But because it wasn’t, the feds would indict us.

We were kids doing grown up things. Not everyone was built for it. I spent so much time in Middle School getting in trouble, that by the time we were committing actual crimes, I was adept in the art of getting away with things.

Some of my friends wouldn’t be so lucky.