When the Moon Vanished

The sun seemed dim in the morning but it wasn’t foggy. Twitter said there were a couple tsunamis on the other side of the world. I didn’t give it much thought.

I took a walk.

Since quarantine started two months ago, I haven’t been in the mood for words, so I’ve been listening to instrumentals. They’re thought provoking. That’s what’s in my AirPods as I roam the city, mask resting on my neck, despite CDC protocol.

I don’t trust them. I don’t trust you and don’t trust myself.

These are the thoughts the music provoke, as I walk.

Maybe there’s a full moon tonight? Something seems strange. Full moons cultivate distinct feelings, but this feels opposite.

Maybe it’s the edible marijuana. Because I’m in the throws of a pulmonary pandemic, I though it best to rest my lungs.

What I didn’t know was what I spared from my lungs, I made up for with the taxing of my mental stability. Give and take, such is life I suppose.

This quarantine, more like boreantine, is becoming redundant. I feel rebellion coming. Who’s side are you on? Thoughts continue to race, as I walk deeper in the city, deeper in my mind.

I see people, behind masks. We’re afraid to get close. We always have been, but now the fear is more pronounced, more disheartening.

By now I’ve walked and thought so much, lost in the music, that I haven’t checked my phone. When I do, the moon is the number one trending topic.

It’s vanished.

Tsunamis are ravishing the world. The rotational trajectory that the planet has been on for 6 billion years has been knocked off it’s axis.

Scientists previously speculated what might happen if we didn’t have a moon, but all of the models and predictions were wrong. What’s happening no one knew, says the article I’m reading while my heart is pounding.

I look up from my phone. Everyone has their masks off and is looking at the sky. I do too.

They say our part of the world won’t see the catastrophic shift until sundown.

But wait.

Where the fuck is the moon!? How can it just vanish? Do I really have 8 hours to live?

My first thought is to drive to my parents’. I fear the highways will be crazy.

Luckily I always take the back way. So that’s what I do as I head to my parents’, for presumably the last time.

Bad day to take edibles.

It’s bad enough I’d been stuck in a quarantine with the rest of the world. They’ve turned catching a cold into a deadly disease. But now, somehow, they took the moon.

It took an hour for every government to become irrelevant. Everyone from the President to soldiers to police officers only wanted to say goodbye to their families.

4 more hours.

60% of Earth’s land mass switched places with the oceans. I imagine what the Indian Ocean must look like, drained of it’s water, due to the poles shifting.

I’m seeing reports that an asteroid collided with our moon and knocked it out of orbit. The other side of the world saw the most spectacular, biblical light show when their full moon was blasted out of the sky.

I check my phone that somehow still has service. Atlantis is a new trending topic. With oceans now empty, entire cities have been discovered from aerial shots from Satelites. What looks to be a replica of the Giza Plateau has been found, complete with Sphinx and Pyramids.

A consensus is forming among scientists. This has happened before in our distant past. We once had two moons. The reason our moon has so many craters is because of ancient asteroidal impacts.

We’ve now uncovered the mystery of what’s happened to every advanced civilization. In fact, it’s what all they were trying to tell us with their monolithic structures. It’s the reason they were made to last for thousands of years. We just didn’t have the understanding to comprehend it.

Or did we?

How is the scientific community still intact enough to publish articles? How are they finding this all out so fast?

The truth is they knew this was coming.

The powers that be have always been able to decode what seems like mysteries to us. The reason they knew is because they’ve preserved the knowledge for themselves this whole time. Their bloodlines can be traced to predynastic Egypt.

They’ve been expecting this, eagerly anticipating it even. And just like their pharaonic ancestors, they’ve built survival bunkers. Their plan is to survive and restart the world while maintaining power.

This isn’t the first or even second time this has happened.

It’s their sick joke I guess, letting these secrets out, the day the world meets it’s end.

It’s the reason for the global ‘pandemic’. One final massive distraction to ensure we’re not paying attention, while they put the finishing touches on their millennia spanning plan.

It’s estimated that a few thousand humans beings will live, in what will be a sunless and moonless hellish planet for the next couple thousand years. The elite will survive and thrive in their underground bases, until the planet becomes habitable, somewhere around the year 3500, even though they’ll start it over at 1.

You ever wonder why they call this the year 2020 when the earth has been here for 6 billion years and human beings for at least 250,000? Now you know. They restart every cataclysm.

By the time they reemerge, the few surviving humans will have returned to the stone age. Their memory of what Earth once was will be vanquished. They’re plan is to subdue those who have remained above ground using their preserved knowledge, resources and technology, due to their protected bloodlines.

It’s the way it’s always been.

I wonder if I’ll be one of those who make it. My ancestors did. Maybe I will too.

These thoughts race on my scenic route home.

By now I’ve made it to my parents’. They seem to be at peace with what’s coming. We’ve only got hours left. We laugh and joke, and for the first time we’re truly present. We’ve thrown our phones away.

My thoughts finally come to a halt. I feel a great weight lifted.

I step outside my house with both parents holding their hands as we look up at our fate. We see the sun setting and a wave bigger than any building in my small town.

My God.

There isn’t a body of water for miles and somehow everything I know is about to be swallowed by the 40 story tidal wave.

I didn’t think I would feel so much relief. All the pain and worry and struggle and needs and anxieties. Gone.

3000 years later.

Would you believe my bloodline survived? Crazy right. It wasn’t all bad. After a few centuries of global catastrophe we settled into communities and tribes. We got back in touch with the holistic nature of the world. We established an equilibrium with the planet and didn’t strip it of it’s resources. We were able to accomplish a lot without psychotic oppressors controlling the world from behind the scenes.

We didn’t have iPads, but we had each other, and our rituals and an abundance of all the resources we would ever need.

It was right around this time when gigantic ships pulled up to our shores. They didn’t have dark skin like us. Their skin was white like lightning. I’ve never seen a man with skin like that. They look like they’ve never seen the sun, like they’ve been underground for thousands of years.