A soul

Today in traffic I saw a local writer I’d met several times. I admired his career. I felt cool knowing to him. I even shared drinks with him and his wife once. It was inspirational to see his level of success.

I stop myself short of saying I want to be like him.

He plays it too safe. I like my artists risky. He only writes what’s socially acceptable. He doesn’t challenge ideas.

The gist of his message is that black people generally have it worse. I’m not denying it. I also don’t need reminded.

If I want others to recognize their privilege, I first have recognize my own that comes with being American while 2/3 of the world lives on 2 dollars a day.

He never talks about that. No one does.

It would be nice to have an actual audience one day, but if in order for me to have that, I can’t say anything of consequence – what’s the point?

His last post was promoting how he was participating in a government health experiment that could have unknown effects on his longterm health.

He promotes this after a career of indicting that same government for it’s crimes against humanity.

Last summer he was protesting the government for killing unarmed citizens. This summer he trusts them with his life. These celebrities go with whatever’s trendy.

I can’t understand promoting an agenda being pushed by the same apparatus that he himself has acknowledged is oppressive and murderous. A million dead Iraqi civilians killed since 2003 by this same empire he spent his career criticizing.

He’s never once mentioned those dead Iraqis for the same reason no celebrity has. They’re not allowed. The trite criticisms you might hear from him are accepted, even encouraged, because they reinforce the state sanctioned black vs white paradigm, that fits into the divide & conquer agenda of the powers that be.

Working class solidarity is a unifying idea. Thats why it’s never discussed. Racism is divisive. Thats why you can’t turn on your tv without being reminded.

When you only engage in accepted rhetoric, ignore important ideas, and promote propaganda, whether you know it or not, you’ve become an agent of the system you claim to object.

It’s disheartening to write because I’d rather have a local hero to look up to. But they claim revolutionary when really they’re compliant.

When fear and emotion took over their hearts and minds, I found myself compelled to common and sense and reason more than ever.

This forced me to reconsider my circle of influence.

I take solace knowing I was able to break out of my echo chamber. Lately I’ve had to turn my back on so many I once admired, in pursuit of the truth, rather than establishment narratives.

I feel guilty picking on him. He’s allowed to be this way. I’m sure he’ll be just fine and enjoy the privileges that come with obedience. I just feel like a hater because when I saw him it made me want to write. So I did.

This is just what came out.

To be fair, if I was being paid millions to shill and tow party line talking points, I’d probably be here selling you snake oil sludge too. But until they give me that to shut me up, I’ll keep giving you this real shit.

This is the advantage of being an obscure artist. I can say whatever I want.

There are real ideas that need to be discussed. They’re deliberately being suppressed. Anyone overlooking them is playing an active role in the continuation of humanity’s degradation.

Even if opposing ideas turn out to be wrong, they should still be allowed into the conversation. If my alternative points are view are so outlandish, they’ll fall apart under intellectual scrutiny.

Won’t they?

In that moment in traffic I wished I had his success. Then I went to the grocery store.

When I left a lady smiled at me and complimented my car. It was 90 degrees and she was walking.

I was forced to first confront my own privilege, and perspective.

That’s when I realized not only do I not want to be like them, I don’t need to be. I’m already me. That’s more than enough. I have more than enough.

And what do I have that their golden handcuffs forbid them from obtaining?

A soul.

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  1. I think you’re referring to false consciousness. Ideals of the dominant class being misrepresented as in the best interest of the lower classes. Like hard word being its own reward and all that bullshit. Karl Marx wrote a lot about this.

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