We’ll See

They don’t fuck with me anymore

luckily, that’s for sure

How can you judge me if you ignore?

in love with me, still unsure

because of me they’re divorced

the money is the only thing above me

It’s ugly but it’s the source

it’s funny but it’s a force

the monkey that owns the porch

a flunky not good at sports

they would’ve hung me or brought a torch

she wants me but she’s a tourist

she wants me to bring a florist

Some see a shrinking forest

but I see

my tree

As still standing

as I heal from the abandoning

Not hearing from my family

the tears still feel like vanity

mirroring insanity

The picture on the camera isn’t me!

I miss her but I understand that nothings free

I kiss her on the hand then she leaves

And fall is when they fall off the trees

cuz everything has it’s time to falloff

but not me

We’ll see…

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