Take a Ride through my Mind

Take a journey through the universe of my mind.

The left and right hemispheres.

The protons and neutrons.

The day and night.

The lie and the light.

Picture infinite blackness with synapses of white flashes amidst the abyss.

The darkest thoughts but filled with electricity and possibility.

Comets fly by like thoughts racing and if they ever collide that’s the end of the illusion.

I was conceived with my parents’ big bang.

I’ve been expanding ever since.

They say one day I’ll collapse in on myself.

They say my star will explode.

The say the tides will turn and I’ll burn.

They say I have no purpose but I infinitely matter.

Some say I’m not matter at all.

They say I’m mental.

I’m too enigmatic for many to fathom.

They assume decoding the riddle is impossible so they never try.

I dared to travel – and unravel the wormhole of my brain.

I was taken on an odyssey.

I saw God and the devil. I don’t know if I created them or they’ve always been.

I saw pain.



Fear and love.


But the chaos was a pattern that hadn’t been recognized.

So what do the mysteries show?

As above so below.

Inner and outer space are the same place.

There’s one verse we all sing.

God’s favorite joke is two, and the punchline, is that separation is an illusion.

So go inside my mind

but all you’re going to find

Is it’s been you the whole time.