Unanswered Questions Surrounding Tupac’s Murder (Part 1)

This was written with the sincere hope of answering the following questions. These glaring omissions have always bothered me, and frankly I’m shocked to see so many explore this case without providing these explanations.

The goal here is for my fellow internet detectives to help me to solve these discrepancies. When and if that happens – I will happily update and provide answers within this living document, then share the credit with those who’ve given insights.

Thanks, and happy hunting.

Why was Orlando Anderson in Vegas?

“Anderson told authorities he traveled to Vegas for the Tyson fight. But during his deposition he admitted he never purchased a ticket, claiming security let him in through a rear door he happened to pass by…

In addition, Anderson, who was unemployed, told authorities the Hotel provided a complimentary room because he was a “big gambler.” Then, he testified he didn’t consider himself a big gambler and could not remember whether he had been comped a room or not.”

Both of those claims suggest he was provided assistance to being there, but the question remains.


Why was Orlando Anderson standing there by himself?

Since he supposedly committed the murder with 3 people, 2 hours later – why was he alone when he got beat up?

If Travon Lane saw Orlando standing there by himself, why wouldn’t he confront him on his own?

Why did he have to point him out to Tupac, of all people?

This suggests someone wanted Tupac to know Orlando was there – but why?

How did the white Cadillac find Tupac?

The story goes they heard girls screaming for Tupac in traffic, and that’s how they found him.

But first they went looking for him at club 662.

If they were willing to kill him there, knew he would be there, and went there to do so – why did they leave?

They couldn’t have waited long when you consider the timeline of events.

Orlando was jumped at 8:58… pm then questioned by police.

Tupac was murdered at 11:17pm

So after getting beat up (so bad he needed medical attention), then questioned, Orlando is able to coral a posse, all willing to commit premeditated murder?

Where were these accomplices?

Why were they in Vegas?

How did Orlando find and convince them so quickly?

Presumably they must have been scattered about Vegas enjoying their Friday night – and definitely not already there planning to kill Tupac – so the story goes.

Then they drive through fight night Vegas traffic and go to club 662 – and get impatient?

How long could they have waited after all of that?

Then they just happen to still find Tupac – 2 miles away from club 662?

The next time a rapper is performing at a venue in your city, round up your friends and see if you can find them in traffic – then pull up right next to them. You’ve got two hours to pull this off. Now imagine shooting them and getting away with it – after a Mike Tyson fight!

It’s seemingly impossible. Yet this is the official story.

Did one of the dozens of people in Tupac’s caravan tip them off to his whereabouts?

Is there any actual proof that Keefe D was even in Vegas that night?

These questions have never even been asked, let alone answered.

Did Orlando have an alibi?

We never suspected Orlando Anderson as the shooter… because he had an alibi.”
-LVMPD Detective Brent Becker:

Why was there a fax from Sunrise hospital to Las Vegas PD about Orlando Anderson? Why hasn’t the entirety of that fax been made public?

Keefe D himself admits that not only did Orlando Anderson go the hospital, but he was in a sling.

When was he in the ER? Before or after the shooting?

The mainstream narrative says Orlando reached over 300 lb Deandre Smith to shoot Tupac – but was he able to do this with his injury?

Who was really in the white Cadillac?

If you research this story, you’ll find that early reports from police place these men with Orlando Anderson in the White Cadillac: Jerry Bonds, Bobby Finch, Davion Brooks.

Now, everyone’s convinced it’s Terrence Brown, Deandre Smith, and Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis.

What changed?

What happened to the white Cadillac?

“Just as the MGM Grand Hotel videotape was obtained by LVMPD, investigators could have easily confiscated videotape from Excalibur, where Compton police say Orlando Anderson stayed that weekend. Detectives could have viewed surveillance videotape from the Excalibur parking garage to see whether Orlando was getting in or out of a white Cadillac. Or they could have looked to see who Orlando was hanging out with and what cars they were getting around in. Las Vegas police didn’t do any of that.”

“The police didn’t take an aerial photo that night “because it was dark,” Sergeant Manning said, despite the fact floodlights are equipped on police helicopters. He didn’t say why one wasn’t taken later either.”

“In addition, a helicopter (LVMPD had three at the time) wasn’t used in the investigation to search for the shooter’s Cadillac.”
Excerpt From The Killing of Tupac Shakur, Cathy Scott

If they drove the white Cadillac to Vegas, and the murder was impromptu – and the police had at least 7 names to draw from – how were they unable to connect the vehicle to at least one of them?

Keefe D’s defense attorney said in 2023 “there’s no weapon, no witness, and no car.

How can there be no car?

Neither the Cadillac nor the gun used in the shooting were recovered, according to retired Las Vegas police Detective Clifford Mogg, who was assigned to the investigation in 2018.

“We were never able to identify the person who rented the car, where it was rented from, and we have never recovered the weapon used in the murder,” Mogg said in testimony to the grand jury.”https://apnews.com/article/tupac-shakur-suge-knight-witness-vegas-shooting-547617626a0051421b59ae4bde9c5953

How did they know the car was rented? If they knew it was rented, why couldn’t they find out who rented it?

Couldn’t they find the records of every white Cadillac rented in the tristate that weekend?

How many white Cadillacs could there have been?

Orlando Ander swore under oath, that not only did he not know anyone with a white Cadillac but that he had never even been in a white Cadillac.

If the police had evidence to the contrary – why wasn’t he convicted of perjury?

What happened to the murder weapon?

A gun was found in the backyard of a gang member’s girlfriend’s father’s house. A gang member who was allegedly in Vegas the night Tupac died.

Coincidentally the gun was found the day after Orlando Anderson was murdered.

It was mysteriously reported to the police.

The police did a ballistics test and realized it was Tupac’s murder weapon.

Then “A federal prosecutor assigned to the case reportedly recommended the gun not be turned over to the Las Vegas Police Department.”


Speaking of guns…

Why was Tupac’s security unarmed the night he died?

“For Nevada State to get clearance for security officers to carry guns, a letter should have been sent in advance. It was not done. No guns meant a lack of security. At the meeting the attorney confirmed we were not allowed to carry guns any time especially at the club.”
-Frank Alexander, Tupac’s bodyguard.

Why wasn’t that letter sent in advance? Tupac had already been shot 5 times a year prior in New York.

In light of this, why weren’t more precautions taken?

Has there ever been any other time when all of Tupacs security were disarmed? Or did this only happen the night he died?

What happened Tupac’s little brother Yaki Kadafi (Yafeu Fula), the only witness willing to cooperate?

“Detectives released Yafeu Fula, the only witness willing to cooperate. Two months later he was murdered. Even though the other witnesses to Tupac’s shooting were uncooperative, police did not feel they needed to detain their only willing witness, one who lived 2,300 miles away, in New Jersey. Yafeu Fula slipped through their fingers, and they had no one to blame but themselves.”
Excerpt From The Killing of Tupac Shakur, Cathy Scott

They didn’t have suspects or pictures that night, but they did within days, then they could have shown them to Fula. If they had done this, we might be a lot closer to solving the case by now.

The police narrative throughout this 27 year ‘investigation’ was that they couldn’t progress, blaming witnesses unwillingness to cooperate. But they had a willing witness – they just let him go, then he was murdered, coincidentally the night of the next Mike Tyson fight – but why?

“Could I identify the killer of my friend Tupac Shakur if the police showed me photos or a lineup of suspects? Possibly so… the thing is that the Las Vegas Metro Police never even tried to show me a photo of the shooter. Nor did they call me at any time for a lineup or to ask me anything concerning the shooting and death of Tupac.”

The official cause of Kadafi’s murder was an ‘accident’ but many suspect more foul play.

His mother, Yaasmyn Fula, wrote a book about it, alleging nefarious motives…

Has even one statement on DJ Vlad’s show ever been fact checked?

Has DJ Vlad even once challenged Keefe D’s confessional stories? – or does he just let him say whatever he wants?

Doesn’t Vlad himself have a vested interest in Keefe D’s story?

If Keefe D’s story turns out fraudulent (which could happen, since he’s been arrested and plead not guilty), how damaging would that be for Vlad’s credibility?

DJ Vlad continues to claim his YouTube interviews have “solved this case.”

But have they?

How long can we overlook the fact everyone talking on his platform is getting fame they otherwise wouldn’t have – and in some cases they’re literally being paid.

Keefe has another bigger incentive to lie (which his lawyer recently expressed), if Keefe hadn’t told this story, he’d be doing life in prison.

Why wouldn’t he lie?

The only evidence we’ve ever had that Orlando and Keefe committed this crime are rumors. Orlando denied it until his death.

Is there any actual proof anywhere to the contrary?

Or is it all just heavily incentivized people talking on YouTube?

If Keefe D confessed in 2008, and wasn’t charged because he had a proffer agreement – why weren’t the other people in the car charged?

Granted they’re dead now, having died under mysterious circumstances, but they were alive for years after Keefe D first gave his statement.

The police had sworn testimony from a witness, Keefe D. Why wouldn’t they use that to prosecute or at least look into the other accomplices?

Could it be that they have and know they weren’t really involved?

If so, who was?

Why did Orlando Anderson later testify on behalf of Suge Knight?

They say it was because he was paid by Death Row.

But when did that check clear?

Because if that’s true, it proves they’ve collaborated before.

So, are we sure Death Row didn’t also have him on the payroll to stand there by himself that night and take a beating, to make it seem like Orlando had a motive?

Orlando Anderson himself said:

“I’ve been thinking that maybe I’m a scape goat, but I just want to let everybody know, I didn’t do it.”

The mainstream narrative alleges that Suge and Anderson were at odds in the midst of a bloody gang war.

If that’s true, would Orlando really want to keep Suge out of jail?

He must have suspected Suge might try to kill him one day, considering he supposedly just shot at him and murdered his best friend Tupac.

Suge stated as recently as October 2023 that “He wasn’t the shooter.”

Why were there so many Police on Death Row Records?

Former Los Angeles detective Russell Poole, who was investigating the Biggie murder, found that ‘dozens of his fellow officers’ were working for death row.
Except from The FBI War on Tupac by John Potash

Russel Poole died while meeting with Los Angeles County sheriff’s homicide investigators about the murder of Tupac. The Los Angeles Times reported his death was from a suspected heart attack.

So besides it being weird that Tupac (the descendant of black revolutionaries like Mumia Abu-Jamal, who’s actually on death row for killing a cop), left jail to go to a record label called Death Row, where he died, and it was filled with cops – the bigger question remains – why were so many police employed by Death Row?

Cops like Kevin Gaines, Raphael Perez and David Mack – all of whom now have criminal history.

The police say no witnesses were willing to cooperate, but it’s a known fact that off duty police and undercover FBI were surveilling Tupac and in his motorcade when he died.

How isn’t it they weren’t more helpful during the investigation?

Could they have been involved?

Who better to get away with something like this, than police?

Why was LAPD officer and Death Row employee Kevin Gaines on a “special assignment” in Vegas the night Tupac was killed?

He wasn’t with Tupac or in his entourage, yet internal affairs documents show he was in Vegas when Tupac was killed.

Kevin Gaines, if you can believe it, was actually killed by a cop days after Biggie’s murder.

He was rumored to have been at odds with Suge. Could this be a motive to shoot at him?

He was killed in Suge Knight’s wife’s car, in traffic – just like Tupac and Biggie.

He was killed by Detective Frank Lyga in what appeared to be a road rage incident. Lyga was cleared of all wrong doing, though Gaines’ family did receive a secret settlement from the department.

Weeks before his death, Gaines claimed he was receiving death threats via e-mail and became convinced he was being followed by helicopters.

What did Kevin Gaines know?

Why was he in Vegas that night?

Why was his partner Rafael Perez convicted of framing a gang member not even a month after Tupac’s death? Was this familiar set up what happened to Orlando as well?

And if that’s not enough all of this is the exact same plot of Tupac’s last and posthumously released film… Gang Related.

Why was no one ever arrested the first time Tupac got shot?

It happened in the heart of Times Square. Tupac was shot twice in the head. That’s attempted murder.

Why wouldn’t the police review the video footage?

Why wasn’t anyone ever charged?

Has that crime ever been investigated?

What the status of that case?

Why was the same cop who arrested Tupac for his sex abuse case, the first cop on the scene when he was shot in 94?

In this 94 shooting, why did Tupac get shot a day before the jury exonerated him from almost every charge he was accused of?

Why was he falsely accused?

Could it be they knew the prosecution’s argument was failing and someone feared he might be cleared of all wrong doing?

Is this a case of plan A not working – so him being shot 5 times was plan B?

If so, who could set up something so elaborate?

Can we be so sure Tupac’s two shootings aren’t in some way connected?

Tupac accused Diddy of setting him up to be killed back in 94.

Now, Diddy is once again accused by Keefe D for ordering the hit in 96.

Tupac’s last album opens with these lines:

“A number of less fortunate rappers have joined together in a conspiracy to assassinate not only Mr. Shakur, but Death Row records as well.”

The album goes on to accuse Diddy by name.

Typically when a person is murdered and we find a note from that person saying who did it – the police usually at least question that person.

Has Diddy ever been questioned?

Has anyone, other than Orlando and Keefe D?

What about those FBI files stating the JDL was threatening and trying to extort Tupac?

In 2011 the FBI released files on the murder of Tupac, revealing the JDL was suspected of “extorting money from various rap stars via death threats, including Tupac and Eazy-E.”

“The scheme involves [name redacted] and other subjects making telephonic death threats to Tupac,” the files state. https://vault.fbi.gov/Tupac%20Shakur%20/Tupac%20Shakur%20Part%201%20of%201/view

According the Southern Poverty Law Center, the JDL is a far-right religious-political organization in the United States and Canada, classified as “a right wing terrorist group” by the FBI since 2001.

And according to the FBI, the JDL has been involved in plotting and executing acts of terrorism within the United States.

This report was in 2011 – has anyone ever looked into this?

If not, why?

Last, but not least – why was Biggie killed exactly 6 months later?

“Let me put it this way, when my son was lying in the hospital in a medically induced coma, the Las Vegas police went on national television telling everybody he was not cooperating with their investigation. It was clear from Day 1 the Las Vegas police never had any interest in solving the case of my son’s murder.”

-Afeni Shakur

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