Graduate School

I got accepted

but because

I know what debt is

I don’t respect it

radical leftist

food for thought,

it ought to be ingested

I need a life,

they suggested

so i read and write

like I’m sequestered

when I think

I see a light

like uncle fester

young & impressionable


intestinal diseases

effecting my peoples

unethical quandaries

supporting the armies

ignoring the bombings

more dirty laundry

will these words

come back to haunt me

will these perverts


murder me

then recant me

Questions that’s on my conscience


or was it nonsense

My manifesto was a threat

because it’s honest

Presto I let go

but didn’t let them know

Methods unquestionable

A festival for the extraterrestrial

Federal indictment enlightenment

Excitement pent

I write like

my life might end

so I buy pens

bye bye

to all my wifi friends

look in the dictionary

you’ll find them

right beside pretend

but why cry

when I’m just like them?

Irrational Thoughts

Irrationally it still happens to me, retroactively

aggression let in passively

as we see his majesty rap to beats magically –

tragically the masses see their shackles

that’s the faculty

and i’m baffled

because it doesn’t have to be.

taxes, fascists after me

casually mad at me

the pastor was a bastard

when he didn’t have to be

my daddy, well he had to leave

my mom was strong, sporadically

come on

I’m long gone

you’re actually

quite accurately depicting

the conflicting sick things

in my head

I said the dead aren’t listening

visiting at my christening

there’s no such thing as christian king

these are gifts that wisdom brings

if it means

i missed my dreams

just woke up up late

y’all woke but fake

so no bro, hate

I’d rather you did it

and if thats what you call average

I’ll have to forgive

for you

know not what you do


What’s Ahead of Me?

The structural integrity

of my destiny

is such,

that I’m stuck in jeopardy.

A loveless recipe.

What’s ahead of me?

A neglected legacy?

Suspected felonies?


— for excessively questioning everything

Let me sing

my song.

When I’m gone

they’ll say:


wasn’t wrong.”

Until then

they’ll act like they don’t feel him

because I’m black and I’m brilliant.

They’re mad I’m resilient,

they’d rather of killed him.

Eventually they’ll finish me,

then I’ll see infinity, divinity.

What did Leonardo DaVinci see?

that made him go insane in his creations

My guess is

she wore dresses,

it’s why he doesn’t paint men.

I’m going through the same thing.


while they’re feigning paying attention.

They made me stay in detention,

in school suspensions.

My mentals were different.

I’ve been through some distance

and 10 new prescriptions.

My coping mechanism

for when you don’t listen.



Anything’s Possible

Maybe I’m heartless,

the craziest artist.

A.J. and Arthur
they’ll make me a martyr
these thoughts are the cost
there’s frost on my collar
there’s sin in the wind
I swim in the harbor
I swear there’s a scare in the air
where are the dollars?
I can fight or I can write
its the right of an author
I’m typing this harder
I might be a monster
the life of Jeffrey Dahmer
a knight in shinning armor
if the night was like my armor
i don’t know why I even bother,
it’s lottery, a drama
a lot of these
girls owe me apologies
they’re probably someone’s momma
its honestly my karma
don’t talk to me about philosophy
unless you’ve got a lot of weed
I’m God’s envy

but Gods in me…


Facts & Coping Mechanisms

Okay so, I know it isn’t.
But I’m smoking like it’s my religion,
it’s my coping mechanism.
Drug addiction
due to love omission.
What’s the difference
between a dream and what they mean?
Things remain unseen,
like screams.
The scenes I’ve seen are obscene,
it seems.
Reemerging themes
keep busting out the seams.
Lusting for some things
I’m not supposed to have.
When I told her she got mad.
Is she over it or sad?
No one knows,
I told um tho – I’m bad.
Blame it on my dad.
This game don’t change,
it ain’t a fad.
The rain came.
I was maimed and stabbed.
But I maintained,
my name intact.
Lames complain
but I adapt.
Why is that?
Because everything I write is FACTS!